Among us ( MOD, 100% Legit) APK Download for Android 2022

Among us ( MOD, 100% Legit) APK Download for Android 2022

Among Us has come one of the most popular games in the world in 2022, it's a multiplayer social deduction game that lets 3 to 10 players play at a time. This game has made numerous twitch pennants popular due to its hype. Among Us demands strategy and presence of mind in order to win. 

The background of the game is a spaceship, you on with your crew members are given tasks and one among your crew member will be intimately given the task of being a pretender, other players need to find the pretender and bounce him out of the game before the pretender successfully kills all the players to win. 

In this composition, we've handed the download link to the rearmost interpretation of Among Us APK, and for those who love to play with all the features uncorked we've also given the link to working Among us MOD APK then which has all the skins and features uncorked for free. 

So gamers if you're looking for a gruelling game that will make you suppose strategically and are interested to play the most popular game in 2022, Among Us is the game for you. Stay tuned for more instigative updates related to Android games and apps. 

About Game 

Among Us takes place on a spaceship in an external space. There are two brigades The Hoaxers and the Crewmates. There can be an aggregate of ten players in an online game, with over to three Hoaxers. The Hoaxers’ ideal is to exclude players and Sabotage using either aggressive, protective, or unresistant tactics before the Crewmates complete all of their tasks or discover everyone’s true identity. 

The Crewmates’ ideal is to complete all of their tasks while figuring out who The Hoaxers are. All tasks are substantially visual and give a fine stoner-friendly interface for players of all situations and periods. 

Tasks include everything from relating shapes to working mystifications. The Crewmates will also be suitable to complete a secret task that has been assigned to them by a Choreographer. The Hoaxers will have to keep everyone in the game guessing as to who they're and what their true ideal is. 

All players will have to use their “ Presence of Mind” in order to outsmart, outplay, and outlive one another. 

What is Among Mod Apk?

Mod Apk is a file that is a modded version of the original game, which introduces unique features and enhancements to the original game. If you are a gamer who loves to play mods on your Android device, then Among Us MOD APK is the game for you. You can use the same method to install Among Us MOD APK on your Android device, you can use the same method to install.APK files on your phone.


  1. Golden Joystick 2020 - Breakthrough Award (Won)
  2. The Game Awards 2020 - Best Mobile Game (Won)
  3. The Game Awards 2020 - Best Multiplayer (Won)
  4. Steam Awards 2020 — Labor of Love Award (Nominated)
  5. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards — Favorite Videogame (Won)
  6. Webby Awards 2021 — Breakout of the Year (Won) .

Mod APK Features:

  • Unlimited Money.
  • All Skins unlocked.
  • All Maps Unlocked.
  • Unlimited Hats.
  • No Ads.
  • walk through walls.
  • instant kill.
  • always imposter.

How to Install Among Us APK On Android?

Follow the simple way given below to install Among us MOD APK on your Android device, you can use the same system to install. APK lines on your phone.
  1. Download the Demanded among us APK train to your phone from the below-given links.
  2. Go to the “ Settings> Security settings” of your phone. Find and enable the “ Unknown sources” option in your security settings.
  3. Now open the downloaded APK train and click on the Install button to start the installation. stay till the installation is completed and click on “ Open” to start playing Among us.

Package com.among-us
Developer Marcus Bromander
Release 2018
Size 35MB
Platform Android, ios and PC


AMONG US is the award-winning game that makes players think and strategize while they compete to be the best among friends. It's a challenging game that will force you to use your mind instead of just clicking through the motions. If you're up for the challenge, then Among Us is the game for you.

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