WR3D 2k20 by Mike Bail download for Android

WR3D 2k20 by Mike Bail download for Android


WR3D is a wrestling game series developed by MDuckie Studios. Is a very user-friendly game to play. The game has a good variety of moves and outcomes. The game also has a good story mode and a number of different ways of gameplay. The game can also be played online with other people as well as have the characters be able to play online. The game also has a good online leader board where you can see how you compare against other people and see how you are doing.

It was specially developed for mobile devices. But now you can find these games on almost every platform like  Microsoft Windows, Ouya, Macintosh operating systems.


WR3d is a very fun game with over 50 million + downloads on the play store. The game comes with a very small size of 50MB So it doesn't take too much of your mobile data to download not just its size but also this game can work and be playable in a very low specification also so you need a very 
awesome device to enjoy this game.


The game also has a good variety of characters for you to choose from. The game also has a good multiplayer. The game has a good online community of people who like to play the game and other things as well. The game also has a good game design. The game also has a decent story. The game consists of various types of multiple background music. The gameplay also is so smooth and mobile-friendly. And if we talk about The graphics they are just beautiful. The game also has a tremendous story.

WR3D 2k20 on Mobile

WR3D 2k20 by Mike Bail This a moded version of WR3D in this version you will get a WWE based theme and also almost every WWE superstar WR3D 20 is a kind of mobile version of W2k20 which is can only be playable on consoles and pc if you don't have any of that expensive stuff just download the WR3D 2k20 mod by mike bail.


32 Plus arena
New Fonts and Colors
New Menu
New Superstars (Players)
New Posters and Sound Effects
New Moves 
Added Theme Song
New Furniture and Other Stuff
New Texture of title and Jackets.

How to Download?

WR3D 2k20 is a fan-made mod and hence it is not available on the play store. In order to download WR3D on your mobile phone, you need to follow the following steps listed below.
  • Click on the Download button below.
  • You, Will, reach a Download page 
  • Now just wait for the timer to end
  • When times count ends a download button will appear 
  • Just click on that download button to start your download.

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