How to Hack CSGO Step By Step Guide with pictures

CSGO (Counter Strike global offsive) is a first person shooter game releases in 2012 by Valve CorporationHidden Path Entertainment. csgo is a very old game but till now in 2020 CSGO is undef-eatable first person game there are a lot of games. A lot of FPS games but CSGO has a separate fan-base and it been 8years till now and this game is still alive in millions of hearts.

At the same time this game is getting harder by every update and i know most of you people only play games to enjoy and not to learn something so if are also looking for a save cheat for csgo then you are at right place. Just follow the given instructions and enjoy :)

Step 1:-

  • Click on the download button below to reach this page.
  • Just download the public version from here and we will make a private ;)

Step 2:-
Now click on another link and download this file as well.

Step 3:-

  • Now Just extract both file in a separate folder or on your desktop
  • Password:- ezfrags

Step 4:-
If your anti virus deletes it then just turn it off

Step 5:-

  • Now open the Private named folder that you downloaded before
  • You will see a application here "Has changer" just open it up.

Step 6:-
Now just click on browse and locate the ezfargs cheats folder there you will see a application just select that.

Now click on :"change filename" > Set custom name and just add a custom name just like I did an hit change button once.

Step 8:-

  1. Now open themida folder and open "themida crack"
  2. And just drag and drop the cheat into input filename section
  3. Just like given image below
  4. Put "word.exe" in application name section
  5. And click on protect
  6. It will take some time so wait and then exit the application.

Step 8:-
After doing all steps your final cheat application will look like this.

Step 9:-
Now First open you game (CSGO) and then open the cheat

Final Result:-

  • And here you goo you can clearly see all of the enemies.
  • For more stuff like aimbot etc. check out the readme file.

Note:- This tutorial is only for education purpose

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