WWE 2k19 WR3D Mod for android download

New weapons All new weapons and item added to mod. New furniture Furniture like nnew table,desk,ladder etc.
WWE 2k19 WR3D Mod for android download

About WWE 2k19 WR3D Mod

Wrestling Revolution 3D takes you either side of the drapes in one grand participated macrocosm- locality you can moreover accept shots in the ring as a grappler or give orders behind the stage as a booker! Make your own star and drench yourself in a macrocosm of further than 300 others across 9 unique advancements, riding the cataracts of progress starting with multi-week also onto the coming in an interminable timetable of conceivable issues 

Wr3d 2k19 mod download 60 MB

This version of wr3d 2k19 mod is compressed into 60mb. When you download a game, you usually download a bunch of data. Sometimes this can be hundreds of gigabytes, which can take a long time. But when you compress a game, it's compressed into a small file, which means it takes up less space on your computer and is quicker to download. This means you can get more games with the same amount of space on your computer.

What's New!

  • 50 New moves- Moves like claymore kick, Kinshasa are available in attacks and Moves like Style clash, pop up a clothesline, F6 are available in the Hinder moves the button.
  • Go Anywhere in the arena- Go to setting elect your arena to raw or smackdown also play your match also you can go indeed confidentially during a match or in any part of the arena 
  • 10 Belts-10 new belts Models are available in the mod 
  •  New Graphics-Go to setting and turn the lighting on also play your match with sexy plates. 
  •  Hold Two titles On one wrestler- Elect your wrestler And click on the first button Profile the change your body shape 
  •  New munitions All new munitions and particulars added to the mod. 
  •  New Cabinetwork Furniture like new table, office, graduation etc. 
  •  30 arenas go to settings also go to display also there will be a button named" crowd" click on it to change arenas 
  •  Removable Jacket 3 jackets available which can be tagged in munitions button you can pick it to press the button"t" to wear. 


  •  Over 300 characters spread across 9 different elevations-and as numerous of them in the ring as you can handle! 
  •  Different arenas and ring shapes- including TWO rings side-by-side for the first-ever playable"War Games"! 
  •  Unique vitality system allows any move to transition into any other at any moment for chain wrestling. 
  •  Enjoy the action from dozens of different camera angles ( including tender paeans to classic wrestling games!). 
  •  Gaming's most detailed simulation of life as wrestler-from contract accommodations to an endless timetable of matches. 
  •  The assiduity's most playable operation sim, where you must act out amusing matches for conditions. 
  •  Mix & match dozens of different rules to invoke your own matches. 
  • The interactive tutorial makes wrestling easy to play but delicate to master. 
  •  Completely playable by the regulator-which also allows for multi-player action on a partook screen! 
  •  Lines are available to be replaced or expanded upon to make the world your own. 


  1. Click on the given download button below 
  2. Now you will reach a download 
  3. Just wait for 15 seconds and then click on the download button to start your download
  4. Done Now just ENJOY :)

Package com.wr3d.2k19
Developer Fan-made
Launch 2018
Size 60MB
Version v1.0(Latest)
Operating System Android 4.1 or High


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