Pubg Mobile S10 Hacks for vivo phones

PUBG HACK S10 (vivo)
by royalGamer
Pubg mobile season 10 v15.5 hack especially for vivo devices all of the apps, host scripts are especially modded for vivo and oppo android phones all of the apk and host are fully tested and this are not the premium stuff and you cant push your rank to conqueror but you can play 100 to 50 matches easily. All of the script and modded apk are public and free do not pay for it. This hack is especially for vivo phones but works on every almost every android device. In the scripts there are so many processor but you cant find yours just try every single one of them definitely gonna work for you for downloading the and installation guide look down.

How to install hack on android?

  • Install Game guardian, VPN and virtul space(if not rooted)
  • Open VPN and select host file
  • Now open virtul space and add game guardian and pubg on it.
  • Once open game guardian and then pubg mobile.
  • Now after entering in lobby just open the game guardian.
  • execute the script apply the hacks and enjoy😎.


  • Fully Antiban.
  • No ten minutes ban.
  • No Root needed.
  • For Public and 100% free

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