LifeAfter download for mobile new High Graphics Game

by Net Ease

You are very anxious in the morning, almost forgot to bring a bow and arrow. 
There is not much food at home, I am anxious about my nails, but you want me to be happy. 
You hug me and say to me: It will be fine. Go to the snowy mountain today, maybe you can hunt a deer back. It turned out that you are going to the snowy mountains. The cold white tree highlands are the playground for the infected people and our paradise. A few days ago, I heard from the camp merchants that even the Mess Swamp was invaded by infected people. Frost and mud can easily hold a warrior's throat, but can't resist the virus that is raging in the air. I want you to be healthy and complete, so promise me, don't go to a small road without a safe house. 

By the way, when it comes to the cold, our windows and roofs have to be repaired, the room is cold, and more importantly, I am afraid that this simple house can not withstand the next infection. 
After all, this is our home built by bricks and tiles. I don't want to give it up. 
Because you and I were here to fight against the collapse of this civilization and the collapse of the world. 

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